Knowledgeable and Experienced
When talking with an ETG partner, you get 3 experts-in-1:
1. Credit analyst and underwriter
2. Legal expert
3. Master communicator
ETG Capital partners have:
-Over 20 years of corporate turnaround and restructuring experience
-Expertise with distressed financial analysis, sales, negotiation and trading at pre-eminent global investment banks
-Over 10 years of bankruptcy law practice at top-tier, global law firms
-Exceptional professional communication skills
Competitively, ETG’s partners stand out with the proven ability to analyze the most complex bankruptcy and credit scenarios; inform and educate our clients; and, develop (and execute) creative solutions.
In the case of Put Options and distressed or high-risk companies, ETG’s background is significant. We regularly monitor high-risk and volatile situations for our clients. We continually re-evaluate and price risk. When you work with ETG, we can educate you and every colleague involved in the decision-making, quickly and thoroughly. We help you navigate and negotiate the Put Option process and documentation (ETG doesn’t use outside counsel). ETG’s partners execute the Put Option (without answering to a mysterious “trader” and without delay).
In contrast, if you work with another institution, you will have to deal with at least four individuals: a salesperson, credit analyst, lawyer, and trader. Any one person in that bureaucratic chain can upset the transaction or be the cause for unnecessary delay.
At ETG Capital, we pride ourselves in our ability to deliver a flawless execution (we can truthfully tell you that while others were still negotiating our partners had already closed the deal). We are fast, nimble and self-sufficient.

Creative and Motivated
(We do things the big banks can’t)

At ETG Capital, we engage clients and encourage clients to explore and develop more creative and opportunistic credit solutions. Specifically, ETG seeks to push the boundaries of the terms we can provide with our Put Options: 

  • We offer Put Options on customers other institutions won’t touch
  • We protect receivables of virtually all sizes (odd-lots and fluctuating balances are our specialty)
  • We cover unique lengths of time (e.g. 9 months, 14 months)

In contrast, the current regulatory, credit- and capital-constrained environment has led financial institutions to shy away from taking on credit risk. This pertains to entering into Put Options for any companies other than the largest and most liquid.



ETG Capital is an independent platform, not a bank subsidiary or joint-venture. As an independent firm, ETG Capital offers impartial counsel. You can count on our objective advice when it comes to discussing your most distressed customers. Since we are not affiliated with a big bank, our professionals do not face the issue of client conflicts that regularly come up in large financial institutions. Our conversations with clients are straight-forward and without prejudice. Our counterparts, who are representatives of some of the biggest names in banking, are not always free to be as candid, because they may compromise their bank’s legacy relationships with customers in other divisions.


 If your company is in distress and refers suppliers to ETG for Put Options you can be assured that the information disclosed will not be shared or used in any way other than for the purpose of enabling sales from your suppliers to you.

"Steve is an excellent person to do business with. In all of our dealings, Steve was very helpful in educating our finance team on security pricing, duration and terms. In addition, Steve's background in law expedited the process of drafting term sheets and closing deals. He is a great person to work with."

~Finance Manager; major movie studio

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