Bankruptcy Claims

Your customer has filed for bankruptcy, and you own a bankruptcy claim
Sell your claim for cash NOW through a reputable firm, ETG Capital- we only represent the most respectable buyers of claims.
We don’t buy for our own account. We only represent reputable investors for whom we vouch.
We’re lawyers- we know how to close and we know what provisions are standard.
No back-peddling or price reduction. No stories about our “trader” changing the bid.
We provide professional service that is efficient and clear.
Advantages to selling your claim
Elimination of Recovery Risk. A sale of your claim eliminates your recovery risk.
Elimination of Consideration Risk. In successful reorganizations, creditors can receive cash, bonds, stock, warrants or a combination thereof. Often, and particularly in middle-market and smaller bankruptcy cases, bond and stock consideration paid cannot be sold for cash efficiently.
Immediate Liquidity. The length of a major corporate bankruptcy from beginning to the actual distribution to creditors of funds or securities (if any) averages a few years. Indeed, recovery (if any) to bankruptcy claim holders usually takes an additional several months from the effective date of a plan of reorganization. Moreover, the distribution could take the form of something other than cash (e.g. stock, debt, etc.). The sale of your bankruptcy claim will result in the immediate conversion of your non-performing receivable into cash.
Elimination of Bankruptcy Review and Correspondence. Typically, bankruptcy requires a great deal of correspondence between the debtor, the court, and creditors. The sale of your trade claim will curtail the correspondence to you.
Potential Accounting and Tax Advantages. There may be accounting and/or tax advantages associated with selling your claim. Please consult with your accounting and tax professional for details.

What if the consideration/distribution/recovery eventually received from the Debtor is worth less than what is paid for the claim? Will the buyer demand the money back?

When do I get my cash?

Is ETG interested in priority claims?

Is the process confidential?

How is an offer price determined?

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